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Saturday, 25 June 2022 20:31

This is a few pictures/details of my Wet Leaf sensor, the circuit was supplied by hobby-boards. With the help of one of my friends (Len), I have built a housing for it. It may seem a bit over the top for just a single sensor, but I thought I better leave room for any other sensor that might come along, like a UV. The housing is made from 3mm plastic and piece of plastic waste pipe, welded together using cellulose thinners. The sloping sides of the housing are about 45 degrees. I chose this angle on the advice of Eric from hobby-boards. The sensor does not come with RJ45 connectors, and as I prefer this method of connection. Not the best for corrosion but it makes it very easy to isolate a sensor when there is a problem. You just use a RJ45 coupler. When then RJ45 cables were connected a small amount of silicone grease was put over the ends to help stay off any corrosion. So far on other parts of the station, which has been up a good few years, there is no sign of any corrosion on these greased connectors. I have used a small PCB standoff to mount the sensor it's self and I have used a plastic rather than a plated screw to stay off any corrosion stains affecting the sensor.

Inside the housing

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