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Saturday, 25 June 2022 21:11

I have installed a Dallas 1-Wire Weather station on my house. My house is located in a villiage called Copthorne, in the South East of England. Click here for upto date weather. The location of the unit is not ideal, however it means I do not need to get a ladder out to look after it... and I'm not that keen on heights



The following image is quite old, the wind sensor is now at the top of a 3 meter poll! But it gives an idea of the setup.

My weather station, in all it's glory, well plus a few house bricks to stop it flying away. I have now mounted, screwed down the the rain gauge to a small paving slab. We had some strong winds a while back and I found the rain gauge swinging from it's data cable :-). The main problem with sitting this station is that I can not screw it down to the roof, thus bricks have to do. This is probably not the best site for the station but it has to do. I regularly check its results with a local 'real' weather station, and it comes out very well, considering it's a hobby.


MainBoxOpenCloseUp MainBox

Above is the Stevenson 'box/screen'. It contains the Humidity sensor, temperature sensor, lightning sensor and solar sensor.

The solar sensor it's self (the light sensitive part) is mounted on the very top of the 'box', you might be able to pick out the green/yellow wire in the pictures above.

The lightning sensor is also where I have connected the temperature sensor to. However I will need to move the lightning sensor further away from the house as it seems to pick up every time someone turns on a light in the house.

Station In The Snow 2007

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