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Saturday, 25 June 2022 20:17

This project was started just over a year ago (Feb 2011), The reason for this build was that our old Video recorder had the time displayed on it all the time, so very useful when watching the Television, however one day we tried to pay a video in it, no joy, so time to bin the video recorder and build a clock.


I had build a vertical tube clock before, but this time not only did I want a more compact clock, but also MSF atomic time syncing. I found a kit made by PV Electronics, with also supported MSF, ideal. The only disappointment was the case they supplied was not to my taste. So I just brought the clock kit and built it, very simple and easy, worked first time. I hooked up the MSF module it worked, but the clock had a few issues if it lost signal in re-syncing. I did not bother too much at diagnosing the issue at this point as I had still to make a case for it.


I decided that I wanted to sandwich the pcb between two perspex sheets, with the tubes poking out. This would allow the circuit to be shown off. Also the tubes are back-lit with blue leds, by having the perspex this would give a better glow to the clock.

The case took me over a year to complete, other things kept getting in the way.. like work. It's not a particularly complex case the front panel, needed cutouts from the tubes to poke through, plus 4 holes for the mounting to the real panel. One of my friends milled out these for me, sadly I do not have a mill, any donations accepted. Brian did a great job, thanks Brian, all I had to do was just tickle out the tube holes a little. The front and back plates are separated by some simple nylon standoffs.

The power supply is a 12v dc wall wart. I'm using a 500ma, but I believe a small current rated psu can be used.

I did try replacing the back light leds with green ones but found these not to be as affective as the blue ones supplied, maybe if I get fives minutes I'll try again, but with much higher rated lux ones.

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