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Saturday, 25 June 2022 20:27

Over the last few years I have been monitoring, automating and controlling various items in my house. I have used many different types of hardware and my own software. Last year I decided to move over to a more complex hardware solution (ZWave). However this is only half the story. Software to control this type of system is required. There are commercial solutions, however these are expensive, and from my investigation lacking long term development, most look like they have stalled. I then found this Open Source System (OSAE), which has great advantage to me as the source code is available and I can support it.

I have Already started devleoping and modifying the various plugins for it.

So far I have changed the EMail plugin to allow a Subject Line to be added if required different from the default.

OSA also has good communication plugins, Email, Jabber and Sound, however it did lack an SMS solution for sending out alerts, if have created a plugin to connect to Clickatell, which is an International online SMS provider.

I have a number of ideas for plugins that I'm currently working on.. so watch this space.

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