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Sunday, 25 October 2020 05:24

My latest mini project was to get a feel for the I2C bus ont he Raspberry PI. So I chose to fit a compass, but not for the PI but for the weather station anemometer, read on... Raspberry PI Compass

DSCF8056 DSCF8068

I have just got around to publishing the construction details of two of my biggest projects this year (2013), These both started at the beginning of the year. I took the Weather Station down end of last year (2012) and decided it needed a make over, see here, and also I built a new lightning radar as the last one rotted away!

IMG 2417 DSCF7800 

I have just added some new functionality to the site. You can see what date and time the Maximum and Minimum temperatures from my house monitoring system have been registered.
Also, new popup graphs, showing the locations temperature over the last 24 Hours!

Just put your mouse over the maximumm, minimum temperature or Location, and a tooltip with the details will appear.



More content, this time some pictures I took at the Imperial War Museum in London last year 2012, hope you enjoy them. I will also be uploading some more aero engine pictures taken on the same day at the Science Museum in London. See the full size images in the gallery in the gallery menu on the left.
Hello, I'm pleased to anounce that the weather station is back, after a 6 month refurb, so far it seems to be working fine. I will post an article soon on the work that took place. I have also published an article on making the 1-wire temperature sensors I use to monitor the temperature around the house. I have a number of other articles and pictures to publish, and also I'm starting the rebuild of the lightning radar.  dpp 1807

After many hours, I have managed to move my site over to Joomla 3.0, fixing a number of the modules it uses on the way that did not work on 3.0, so well pleased. I now have to finish off a number of new articles.. humm.

I have just updated the house monitoring graphs and ups graphs with a graident fill, looks a lot better, less harsh.

Due to the fact we are now not moving, I will be reinstating the Weather Station. It will be getting a refurb, so it's problably going to be a couple of months away.


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